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‘Cool’ : A Remembrance

Flutters from an open door. Thai food, shared bowls. Little details, journalism, politics.  Train ride back to my hotel. Confused, misused, panicked routes, maps. Advices, understanding, acceptance, small talk, grins. Arrival, goodbyes, inflection of words. Tower bridge night-time closures.   … Continue reading

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Vive la France/UAE

I followed my dad to France & Dubai last week and ended up taking 300+ pictures throughout the whole trip, which was a tad bit too much for me to upload on my Instagram page. Hence the need for it to … Continue reading

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Seoul Sisters (get it?) 

I know this post should’ve been done when I actually got back from the trip but oh well, better late than never as they always say. So, as a thorough introduction as an explanation, in 2016, Najwa and I decided … Continue reading

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About Hajj – 2015.

Hey everyone. Alhamdulillah, I’m finally home after a month of performing hajj with my family in Mecca and Medina. I can’t find the words to explain on how everything just starts to slam you back in the face when you … Continue reading

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