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‘Cool’ : A Remembrance

Flutters from an open door. Thai food, shared bowls. Little details, journalism, politics.  Train ride back to my hotel. Confused, misused, panicked routes, maps. Advices, understanding, acceptance, small talk, grins. Arrival, goodbyes, inflection of words. Tower bridge night-time closures.   … Continue reading

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There’s something raw about realising how your initial prophecy towards something can be moulded into a bigger picture. A certain feeling that leaves your senses tingling for more, to know what’s hidden behind a scene, a moving persona hinting secrets … Continue reading

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Checkered shirts, talcum powder, scruffy beards & retrospective pictures.

I’m turning 20 soon. I’m beginning to have thoughts splattered onto a clean slate like fine art ruined by a touch of contrasting paint. I have lists of ideas panned by a thousand doubts, yet I have a box of … Continue reading

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Seoul Sisters (get it?) 

I know this post should’ve been done when I actually got back from the trip but oh well, better late than never as they always say. So, as a thorough introduction as an explanation, in 2016, Najwa and I decided … Continue reading

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  My own personal apothecary; rather than appearing in a literal form, God presented me with the ability to capture little clips of sunshine to dampen the rain. -N  

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