Read up; part 30.




The lessons one learns at school are not always the ones the school thinks it’s teaching.


‘It’s strange, isn’ it?’ the woman said in a pensive voice. ‘Everything is blowing up around us, but there are still those who care about a broken lock, and others who are dutiful enough to fix it . . . But maybe that’s the way it should be. Maybe working on little things as dutifully and honestly as we can is how we stay sane when the world is falling apart.’


‘Glad to find you so merry, my girls,’ said a cheery voice at the door, and actors and audience turned to welcome a stout, motherly lady, with a ‘can-I-help-you’ look about her which was truly delightful. She wasn’t a particularly handsome person, but mothers are always lovely to their children, and the girls thought the gray cloak and unfashionable bonnet covered the most splendid woman in the world.


Thrown, in this way, into the binding conviction that only a miracle could relieve her, she would never know her beauty. She would see only what there was to see: the eyes of other people.


But, who cares a table is neuter? Everything English so scientific and problematic. Unlucky for me because my science always very bad in school, and I never understanding mathematics. First day, already know I am loser.


And so she clapped his cloud cheeks and revelled in his nest of smiles


When we have passed a certain age, the soul of the child that we were and the souls of the dead from whom we sprang come and shower upon us their riches and their spells, asking to be allowed to contribute to the new emotions which we feel and in which, erasing their former image, we recast them in an original creation.


These weathervane-like conditions need be neither a strength nor a weakness for a writer, but simply a part of his material, a part of his orientation, and in Solstad’s case the most significant feature has always been located elsewhere, namely in his language, which sparkles with its new old-fashioned elegance, and radiates a unique lustre, inimitable and full of elan.


Last night’s stars seem to have drawn to themselves a new range of galaxies, and the night sky is not dark at all, except where there is a tear in the membrane of light.



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